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The milk vacchefrom our cows is chosen by the Cooperative Lattebusche, of which we are members, to be put on the market in the circuit of High Quality, and it's also used to be transformed into Piave cheese DOP, sold all over the world, from America to China.

The cultivation of the fields allows us to offer, with the right seasonality, typical products grown and matured in the traditional way like:

  • "Lamon bean", a fine peel bean with an unmistakable taste, the only bean in Italy that can show off the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certificate;

  • "Gialet bean" a delicate, highly digestible type of bean , little known and marketed because, in the past centuries, much of the production was destined for the table of the Popes;

  • white or yellow potatoes;

  • corn flour for polenta, integral or not integral.